Great Host, Meet Great Guest.

Imagine if there was a way to truly know and understand your guests before they even arrive. That’s exactly what we do at DreamGuest.

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We provide property owners and hosts like you access to guests’ past behavior at other properties, enabling a deeper understanding of your guests. This empowers you to protect your investment all while fostering meaningful connections with your guests. After the guest’s stay, you can rate them and provide rewards as a gesture of appreciation for being an exemplary guest, whether that’s a complimentary bottle of wine, a percentage off their stay or a special perk the next time they come back. Whatever you want the reward to be! DreamGuest helps make sure that every stay is a more rewarding one — for you, and your guests.

Why DreamGuest

We are the only cross-platform tool providing visibility into guests’ past behavior at properties.
Protect your investment and build lasting relationships with guests.
Attract more guests to drive increased bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform offers several key benefits. First, by providing access to guests’ past behavior data, it enables properties to review and gain a deeper understanding of their guests. Second, hosts are able to incentivize and reward good behavior. Ultimately, our platform helps properties protect their investment by fostering meaningful connections with their guests.

It is $1/per month or $10/per year for the first 10,000 hosts to sign up. For subsequent hosts it will increase to $4.99/per month or $49.99/per year after that. This basic plan covers hosts with up to 10 properties. Enterprise users with more than 10 properties should contact DreamGuest directly for pricing.

Absolutely! Why would guests choose a property that doesn’t offer them any perks? It would be beneficial for you to promote your affiliation with and use of DreamGuest in your advertisements to attract more guests.

Absolutely! When it comes to rewarding your guests, the possibilities are limitless. You have the freedom to be as creative and unique as you desire. Offering discounts, personalized experiences, tailored services, or special amenities can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and foster strong customer loyalty. Additionally, providing a menu of rewards for guests to choose from allows for a customized and memorable stay.

There are two main reasons you should sign up now. First, by being one of the first 10,000 to sign up, you lock in your monthly rate of $1 for the next two years. Second, you can immediately start requesting that guests also sign up for their free DreamGuest account. If they do, they are instantly incentivized to be a good guest, because of their immediate 5-star rating.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual host to make that decision. However, it’s worth noting that guests who refuse to participate in a program offering free rewards for good behavior may raise some concerns.

While an OTA’s ratings offer insights into a guest’s past behavior on that specific platform, they are limited to that particular site. If you make bookings outside of that OTA, you won’t have access to those ratings. DreamGuest, on the other hand, aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of a prospective guest’s behavioral patterns, offering a more holistic view regardless of the booking platform used.

Absolutely. DreamGuest was created to help direct bookers in addition to hosts using other platforms.

While we cannot predict or guarantee how your neighbors will respond, using DreamGuest to help prevent any disruptive guests should have a positive impact. It might even be a considerate gesture to inform them about your decision to sign up for the service.

The regulations and requirements vary among government bodies and homeowners associations. However, implementing guest screening through DreamGuest can help safeguard your ability to continue renting your property by eliminating many guests that could threaten your permit and help create a positive impression with permitting entities.

Absolutely. You can toggle between short-term and long-term in an individual’s ratings and rate them in the proper category.

Getting started with our cross-platform tool is easy. Simply sign up on the website and ask prospective guests for their DreamGuest email or phone number and start screening guests! If guests don’t have a DreamGuest account, tell them to sign up for free!

Currently, we do not offer customization options. However, we continuously evaluate and implement future enhancements to meet our users’ needs. Please send your suggestions to [email protected]

Disclaimer: DreamGuest acknowledges that, despite our efforts, it is possible for certain guests with negative behavior to slip through. Our platform is designed to assist in preventing and mitigating such instances, offering properties a valuable resource to enhance guest experiences. DreamGuest holds no liability for any damages or issues resulting from the actions of problematic guests, regardless of whether they are registered on our platform or not.